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Whether you need a new chimney installation or standard chimney cleaning, Shamrock Chimney has you covered. We provide residential and commercial services throughout the Patchogue, NY, Danbury, CT and Worcester, MA areas.

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Our chimney cleaning services

Our skilled team works on:

Masonry Fireplaces

Routine chimney cleaning throughout the wood-burning season will eliminate a potentially dangerous accumulation of soot, ashes, and creosote tar. When you hire us for chimney cleaning, we will inspect the fireplace, box, and damper and seal the front of the fireplace with plastic.

Once we're on the roof, we'll remove the chimney cap to inspect the structure. Then we'll brush the flue and smoke chamber and vacuum out any debris.

Wood Stoves

Using a wood stove means you need to pay attention to maintenance procedures. It's important to schedule routine cleaning to remove creosote deposits and ash buildup. Since your stove pipe is subjected to high temperatures, it can corrode in time. We'll check it periodically and replace it when it reaches its lifespan.

During your appointment, our team will inspect the appliance, floor pad and stovepipes. We'll also check for signs of physical deterioration.


In order for your insert to be up to code, it has to have an approved stainless-steel liner connected to the insert collar. This allows us to clean the system properly. Our team will fully inspect the system to make sure everything is working as it should.

When you call us for service, we'll cover work area in drop sheets to protect your belongings. You can trust us to take care of your property.

Gas Furnace Liners

Gas furnaces and hot water tanks that vent through a masonry chimney have to have an approved gas liner, which start at the top of the chimney and feed down the flue to the point where the furnace pipe enters the wall (often in the basement of your home). The liner at the top of the chimney needs to be capped properly, still allowing for expansion and cleaning. You can depend on our team to get the job done right.

Oil Furnace Liners

The oil liners inside furnace chimneys are made of stainless steel. The liner moves down the flue to the point where the furnace pipes enter the wall. However, there's a removable cap on the top for easy cleaning. If you need assistance, we're here to help.

Clay Masonry Chimney Liners

Most masonry chimneys have clay liners. These liners come in different sizes, often in 2-foot sections. When we install your liners, we'll seal them at each joint throughout the flue using cement with high heat resistance. We'll also make sure they have enough space around them to expand.

Stainless Steel Masonry Chimney Liners

If your chimney is straight up with no offsets, we recommend a rigid stainless-steel liner. To install these liners, we will cut an access hole on the exterior brick wall next to the smoke chamber. After a thorough chimney cleaning, we'll coat the smoke chamber with a solution that fills in any gaps. From there, we'll place clay tile on top that allows for heat expansion as well as a storm collar and cap.

If the chimney has offsets, we recommend a flexible stainless-steel liner. We'll connect the new stainless-steel liner using stainless screws or rivets before lowering it down.

brick replacement Worcester, MA

Is something blocking your chimney? Let us help.

To prevent animal infestations and blockages, it's important to clean and inspect your chimney regularly. Many things that could be causing blockages in your chimney, including...

  • Smoke. If there's a lock top on your chimney, it can prevent smoke from exiting the flue.
  • Animals. We can install a chimney cap to prevent animals, birds and other debris from getting inside.
  • Decay. If there are broken bricks or deteriorated joints inside the flue, you need tuckpointing services.

We can also provide waterproofing services to help protect your bricks from decay. Call us today for more information.